Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wish List

Here's the wishlist for the swap I'm joining and am so psyched for:

Are you a knitter or crocheter? Primarily a knitter, though I crochet, as well.

I love to make..... soft, colorful, useful things.

I really want to make...... a luxurious blanket, with environmentally friendly fiber.

My favorite yarns are..... soft and natural, especially ones I've spun myself. Or colorful. Or novelty (assuming I have an idea for how to use it.)

My wish pattern is...... Something with an interesting texture, but not so complicated I can't knit it during a movie. Something useful and beautiful. Something I can show off.

My favorite hooks or needles are..... I love Lantern Moon needles, but I also like shorter needles so I can knit in class without disturbing my neighbors. Rosewood > birch > bamboo > metal >>> plastic (yuck).

I really wish I had..... a more extensive collection of circular knitting needles. I never seem to have the right size/length.

My favorite colors are... anything that doesn't look like puke. Bright colors are fun. Earch tones are profound. Pale colors can be nice, too.

My hobbies... knitting, spinning, crocheting, cross stitch, embroidery. Occasional sketching. Music.

My kitchen theme and colors.. I just recently moved into graduate student housing apartment, so the kitchen isn't particularly inspiring. The cabinets are a dark brown. Walls are white. Floor is kind of beige tile.

My bathroom theme and colors... Same problem as above. The floor is tiled in pale blue/green/grey. Everything else is white. Blah.

My dislikes.... Scratchy yarn. Inaccurate sizing. Blocking. Waste.

My crafts..what I like.... knitting, spinning, crocheting, cross stitch, embroidery, small quilts.

My allergies... sulfa drugs and ceclor. :P

My favorite pets... cats, all the way.

My favorite scents... Vary by season. In winter, I like warm scents: cinnamon, nutmeg, pomander type stuff. Lilac is nice. Coconut. Vanilla. Orchid.

My favorite novels or magazines... Terry Pratchet is my hero. I also enjoy Stephen King and Harry Potter. Decorating and crafting magazines are fun. And I occasionally indulge in an issue of Cosmopolitan.

Other stuff about me... I'm a first-year graduate student pursuing my PhD in neuroscience. I have a BA in neuroscience and a BMus in organ performance. Originally I'm from Connecticut.

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