Friday, March 7, 2008


Shame on me for not writing in so long!

- burned out, because I had a takehome exam due on Tuesday and another exam on Wednesday, plus regular reading for classes, and now I have the beginning of That Cold.
- psyched, because my first swap is beginning.
- annoyed, because the light in my dining room keeps flickering.
- relieved, because the week is almost over, and next week is spring break, though it likely won't be much of a vacation, since I'll be in lab all the time, finishing my rotation and making up for all the time I didn't spend in there this week.

I've found a way to make a catastrophically stuffed nose clear up within one minute: 60 jumping jacks. Granted, the relief doesn't last long, but gosh, it's nice to breathe.

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beth said...

please send me your addy,address and wish list.i am your march partner.thanks