Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Five Day Weekend

Most important: Evan has been accepted to the University of Rochester Medical Center. The is the best thing ever. But now we have to (quick!) look for a place to live, and move there, which means packing up my obscene amount of crap. I was actually really stressing about it the other night and had to do breathing exercises to go to sleep. TMI? Still, it's kind of fun. We're planning a bike ride this evening around the "white coat ghetto" to look for places available for rent or sale, while sneakily getting exercise.

I actually have been working on the Serenity/Knights of Cydonia music video. I think it's awesome. Not done yet, but close. I'm shocked at how much time it takes! Importing the movie, converting the files, cropping the files, then finally starting to put stuff together... oioioi.

I've just subscribed to the Stuff You Should Know podcast, from I love it. You will, too. The podcast led me to the Five Day Weekend movement. I'm not sure if this is a terrific idea or not. I love the idea of a shorter work week and longer weekend. As they say, work expands to fit the time allotted to it. I could be so totally productive if I knew I only had to keep it up for two or maybe three or four days, rather than a grueling five, with only two days to recoup and go at it again -- especially when those two days get sucked up by cleaning, errands, laundry, and general maintenance. Where's the fun time?

I started a puzzle last night, and I really want to get home to finish it! It's one of those mystery puzzles. One side is a crime scene (cartoon version). You assemble it, look around it and collect clues about the criminal. Then you flip the puzzle over and pick the perp out of a line of suspects. I love seeing a puzzle come together. It's so satisfying! I suppose it also helps that I'm really good at 'em. :)

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