Wednesday, October 28, 2009

cat's in the bag

Jude really likes to get into things. One of his favorites is the wicker laundry basket when it's empty. The other day he spent 10 minutes in the recycling bin, just chillin'. Last night he sort of fell off the bed into a large paper bag. And he stayed in there, quite content.

A week from Saturday my family, Evan, and I are taking the train out to South Bend, IN for my sister's birthday and the Notre Dame football game. Mom tells me the games last a long time, and are outside, and are very cold.
Long game = I must knit.
Cold = I must have fingerless gloves to knit.
So I've been working on making knucks just as fast as I can.

The going was a bit chaotic at first, as you can see, because knucks are worked from the top down, to abolish anxiety over long cuffs (similar to toe-up socks). But I've joined the thumb now, and it's starting to look functional.


Laurie (your etsy friend) said...

wow, impressive. How you keep track of all those stitches is beyond me!
And your cat is so cute. I have a cat, Ringo, who keeps me company when I'm felting. He burrows into the wool and kneads it just like when he was a little kitten nursing on his mommy.

Rhonda Miller said...

hi Sara! You won the little Halloween notebooks that the Trans Canada Etsy Team was giving away as part of their Halloween Challenge! Thanks for coming by and commenting. Please contact us so we can send you the notebooks :)