Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Recap

All right, Rochester, you win. I said "I like snow," and you buried me in it.

My birthday went slightly differently from what I'd planned. Evan and I had a late dinner instead of an early dinner, with him driving his jeep in the narsty weather and the even narstier traffic. He gave me nice presents, wrapped furoshiki-style, per my request. I've decided I will wrap all my presents this way, because the wrapping is reusable, and totally gorgeous, I think.

I did not get to visit the yarn shop, and I canceled dessert with my brother, because the weather was so oppressive. But I did get a bunch of crafting done. My birthday marks the transition into Christmas, in my mind. I know Advent began a while back, but until my birthday has passed, I can't get into it.

To facilitate getting into it, I made my own version of AddieBugs seasonal fabric banners. They look so festive. Here's mine:

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