Friday, May 1, 2009

All right.

All right, you know what? I should write. It's been forever. Shame and more shame on me.

What's going on... Classes have just ended for the semester, which is nice. I know this wasn't a particularly strenuous semester for me, especially in light of what I did Fall semester, but it's still nice. We had huge final projects to submit for the Graduate Experience in Science Education class -- we designed a lesson, complete with powerpoint, hand outs, and whatever else it required, wrote a report on the lesson, and gave a 10-minute presentation about the lesson. I designed a lesson about Bach and the Fugue, which I actually wouldn't mind teaching. I think it's awesome, but then again, I'm biased.

Then there was the final journal club. That one was actually kind of fun. Rather than strictly paralleling the authors methods and results, we discussed the strengths and weaknesses and related them to the field, which I think is more useful than just rehashing what we all read. And we laughed a lot, too, which surprised me.

I've been trying to think of what to make for my Etsy shop. I'm thinking cards. I've made several: cards with pictures from old calendars; cards with scraps from sewing and knitting arrayed artfully on the front; now I'm considering making cards with sketches on them. Ideally, I would make a sketch, scan it, print it several times, and then paste that onto cards. Then the cards could be way less time-consuming, but still neat. I have access to a scanner, and a nice color printer, but I feel bad taking advantage of those. Maybe I'll use them just to try the first batch, see if it takes. If it's a success, I'll take my fancy color printing to a store somewhere and print legitimately. Another challenge: envelopes. I should include envelopes, but they're a pain to make. Well, not really a pain. Just time-consuming and not as artistically satisfying. They're an all right task while I'm listening to an audio book or something, maybe catching up on NPR when I get home.

I sing with a neat a cappella group, now. It's called On Call, made up of mostly medical students, with two graduate students (myself included). Lots of fun. We're meeting in 20 minutes to sing for pediatric patients. That should be great.

Speaking of which, I should go!

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