Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Knitting for Little Ones

I just listened to the knitpicks podcast, episode #96, Knitting for Little Ones. And I've once again been hit/bit by the knitting bug. Need To Knit! Can't possibly knit enough! But this one's really bad, because I want to knit tons of stuff all at once -- bonnets and socks and toddler sweaters and especially leggings! I get like this about books, too: I feel like it would be just great not only to read several different books, but to have read them, to know that I am a better person with deeper and better developed character because of all the new sequences of words I've exposed my mind to. But there is no time. And I have no attention for reading heady books. Doesn't necessarily stop me from buying them, though.

Maybe I can start a pair of baby socks tonight. With a soft worsted or maybe DK weight yarn. Something quick and satisfying that won't drag me from my other 15 projects.

New project urges are tricksome. Like devious siren mermaids. They beckon and seduce, and drag you along merrily for quite a ways, until you're deep enough into the pattern that you can't possibly turn back. Then the muse leaves you. Like, poof, gone. Or you think the muse was never there in the first place, and how the hell did you get so far into a project that now amounts to work, on par with doing the dishes that have been piling up for a fortnight?

So the trick that I'm using here is selecting a pattern that doesn't go deep. A pattern that will breeze by so quickly and be so satisfying that my muse won't have the chance to escape. Or if she does, there will only be a tiny amount of knitting work left at the end, through which I can bribe myself with chocolate or wine. Or Sam Adams Summer Ale. I love that stuff.

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