Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Knitting Circle

Mom sent me a bunch of knitting novels! She sent them up with Jonny (younger brother, just turned 20 --weird). Silly Jonny didn't deliver them until the 28th, his birthday, when I took him out to dinner. (Mom had also sent clementines for me, but Jonny ate them.)

Anyway, I've been reading The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. The beginning is quite a downer, and considering that I'm only 23 pages in, I've been very downed by the book. The poor protagonist is lamenting the death of her daughter. But I'm ready for Knitting to leap in at any moment and save this woman's sanity. This book makes for fairly quick reading, and it is, as the critique pages say, "rich in sensory detail," which I enjoy quite a lot.

What does it take to get a bike? A cheap but functional bike? Craigslist has so far not served me very well. My first try was no longer available. My second had a bent back rim. And now on my third attempt, the seller isn't responding to my messages. Bugger. The weather is starting to get nice up here, and I would love to bike places, like the gym and the library, instead of driving my car, as environmentally friendly as my dear Prius is.

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